WordPress SEO tips

WordPress SEO tips and tricks for beginner- part one

WordPress SEO tips for beginners

WordPress SEO tips: Now a days most of the people dependent on WordPress CMS to run their website. WordPress is the best and most popular CMS.

By the way, today i am not going to talk about WordPress, it will be WordPress SEO tips.

Do you want to high traffic for your website? Getting high search engine rankings for your website takes more and more work. While we all know the advantages of SEO , sometimes there just isn’t enough time to focus on both SEO and developing a quality product.


WordPress SEO tips

WordPress SEO tips for every SEO expert should know

So, what should you do? You can hire someone to do that but sometimes budget may not favor to you.

Everyone know that, SEO is the key point of a website. Without SEO you can not get the good result.

I am not ensure you that you can make your site google first place in the low time. But, trust me, if you follow some rules then it is really easy to make better SEO for your site, and you can get the best result in search engine.

So, in this article of WordPress SEO tips, i am going to share something special which is really good and need for your website.

Here is this-

WordPress SEO tips:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the main thing of SEO. Without this you can get the enough good result actually. You could try and guess what people type when they use a search engine, but with free Keyword Research tools available, it’s wasted effort.

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So, you may now ask me what are some of the best, free keyword tools? You could use the Google tool, or one that I personally like is Wordtracker. In addition, you can use this tool from Google to research trends in search phrases.

However, if you’re looking for a premium keyword research tool, look no further than SEObook.com, SEOmoz.org, or Raven Tools.

You can check it also- SEMRush Keyword Planner Tool for Keyword Research

Focus on Low-Competition Keyphrases

This is very important part for SEO. When you research for keyword, don’t waste your time going after highly competitive keywords with on-site optimization because you won’t be able to nab them.

So here is the main thing is that how do you know if a keyword or keyphrase is competitive?

Take one of the phrases you found while conducting keyword research, type it into Google search using quotations (ex. “how to install redux Framework WordPress”), and then look at the number that appears below the search box.

If the number is large you should avoid it because it’s highly competitive. If it’s small, you should focus on it because it should be much easier to score a top ranking.

Choose One Keyword or Phrase, and then Write or Tweak Your Article

While you want a keyphrase with little competition, you’ll also want it to have some search traffic. Then, either write a post that targets that keyphrase or go back through some of your older articles and tweak them for a specific phrase.

You should find a phrase that relates to your topic, and craft a helpful article around it. Remember, quality content matters. The higher the quality, the better chance it will garner links and then rank in search engines.

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For example, if you run a blog about health, and one of your researched keyphrases is “How can take care of your health”, then you might want to write a blog post about that.

Use Keyphrase In Your Post Title and Title Tags

It is very simple. Use keyphrase in your post title and title tags. It will really make your site proper SEO.

Keyphrase repeat

It is a best tricks to rank your website if you use your keyphrase several times in your article. You should use this in title of the post, in the meta description and in the main article.

Use the Keyphrase in your Meta Description tags

Actually using keywords in your meta description tags does not help you rank higher. However, when you include them, when people search on Google for a specific keyword, Google bolds the keyphrase in the search results. So, while it may not help you rank higher, it will encourage people to click on your search results.

Find Images Related to Your Keyphrase

Using of related image is more important for write high quality content. Suppose, you are going to write something special for readers, if you dont use images which is need for your article then the readers get bored while they read the article.

So, you have to find related images to your keyphrase.

Using of plugins

You can use many plugins if you are using WordPress. There is lots of free SEO plugin you can get in wordpress.org

But i recommend this-

Hope you all are enjoyed this article.

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