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WordPress best author box plugin for 2017

WordPress best author box plugin you can use

WordPress best author box plugin: Many WordPress user sometimes faces how can they customize author box for their WordPress blog or website. There is many solution for that.

Who know about PHP programming language can make a function to display author box. But most of our WordPress users dont know how to programming. So, what can they do to show author box?

Well, there is some smart solution. If you are a WordPress user then you know about WordPress plugin.

Yes guys, There us many free WordPress best author plugin in their directory. Most of them is really nice and you can also customize them.

Though all the plugin of WordPress directory is free there is some premium plugin you can buy to show author box.

Today I am going to share some WordPress best author box plugin which is really nice and you are going to like I hope.

Fancier Author Box

By using Fancier Author Box – you’ll be making your authors stand out from the rest of the page, and finally give them the attention that they deserve. Not everyone is guest blogging or writing for you for the sake of getting some exposure or link juice, many people actually would like to connect with like-minded readers, and potential new community members.

This plugin supports the ability to display all the major social networks within the Author Box, and also to display the latest content written by the author, on a separate tab. Great looking widget that surely stands out from the rest of the page elements.

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Simple Author Box

We can never seem to say no to simplicity, but Simple Author Box adds a responsive author box at the end of your posts, showing the author name, author Gravatar and author description. You can also select up to 30 social networks, to have them displayed alongside the author box. Very modern design, will be a fit for majority of blogs today.

Starbox – the Author Box for Humans

While search engines and other software that read your site care about stuff like robots.txt, you need Human readers to actually engage with your content and fall in love with it. People like to see beautifully designed web pages, and more often than not – every element counts.

We’re quite inspired and pleased with the end-result of the Starbox plugin. You get the functionality that a premium plugin should provide, but you also get many other things like;

  • Google Microformats (vCard), to display Rich Snippets in google search results.
  • Easy to customize for each Author.
  • You’ll get Google Authorship on your hands. For all your authors.
  • Have it work only on blog posts, only on pages, or both!
  • Links to the social media profiles of your authors.
  • Each of your Authors can have a different set of social media profiles added.
  • Links to all the articles written by that author

WP Author Box Lite

You can never have too many styling options, and because WP Author Box Lite provides so much flexibility in that regard, we felt like we must include it. Save some extra time by having Google+ & Facebook authorship integrated within this plugin. Modifying and adding new custom tabs is also very easy.

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Author Box After Posts

We guess this is the simplest of all the author box plugins in our list, the Author Box After Posts plugin only has to be downloaded and activated, it will automatically grab the information about the user who has written the blog post, and then display it in a very minimal manner. Is perfect for writers and people who’re not depending on stylish and bloated elements on their pages.


I hope you can use one of them for your author box showing.

Please it with your friends. Thanks for staying with me. 🙂

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