Top best TV brands in USA

Top best TV brands in USA you should know

Top best TV brands in USA for 2017

Top best TV brands: Though it is a new era of internet technology, people use smart phones to know the news but people also watch TV to spend their time by watching movies and dramas. Also many people watch TV for knowing news instead of reading newspaper.

In USA, People are so busy to watch TV. But they also spend time by watching TV. There is lots of Top brand in USA of Television is really popular. Most of the brands release LED, LCD television now a days.

Today I am going to share Top best TV brands in USA. This lists is updated for 2017.

Here is the list of Top best TV brands in USA:

Top best TV brands:

LG OLEDB6P series

This is my first choice in this list. Best high-end TV value, for now LG’s OLED TVs stand head and shoulders above TVs that use LED LCD technology, with the best picture we’ve ever tested. And the B6 from 2016 is still our top pick for those who don’t want to pay a lot more for the C7.


Here is another brands of TV in USA is very much popular in USA. This have Best picture quality, money no object

The C7 is the best-performing TV we’ve ever tested, beating the B6 by a hair. At this point however it also costs a lot more, so it’s not worth the price for most buyers.

Vizio M-Series 2016

Best mid-priced picture for the money. No other TV offers this much picture for this little cash. Its value proposition is the best we’ve ever seen on a TV this high-performance and well-equipped, period. The free tablet is just icing on the cake.

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Vizio P-Series 2016

An even better picture, a bit more money

With a picture even better than the Vizio M series, and better than numerous other high-end sets from other TV makers, the P series appeals to less brand-conscious videophiles who can’t afford an OLED TV.

LG 55EG9100

If you want to get best picture picture you use it. Best non-4K 55-inch picture quality

It’s curved, with 1080p resolution, and only available in one size, but the cheapest LG OLED delivers a spectacular picture.

Sony XBR-X930D series

Best LCD if you don’t want a Vizio

If you’re have something against Vizio, but aren’t ready to trade up to an OLED TV, the excellent picture and slim styling of this Sony could be just the ticket–as long as you can afford to punch it.

TCL S3750/FP110 series (Roku TV)

Best built-in smart TV system

Roku is our favorite platform for streaming apps like Netflix, and it’s even better baked into the TV. Image quality on this TCL won’t blow you away, but it’s perfectly fine for the price.

Hope you have got some idea which brand is good for you. Every product is very high quality.

If you have know more comment below. 🙂

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