Top 10 Android apps

Top 10 Android apps you should use in your smartphone

Top 10 Android apps for 2017

Top 10 Android apps: Hello android users, do you know that, Android apps are very easy to use? You will get an Android app in Google Play Store for almost every day to day work. The availability of such a huge number of apps has made the operating system so popular. I have started using this operating system for just a few months.

But, within these months, I have used many apps of various categories. Some of them were useful initially but was disliked by me for some reason. Some others are still in my favourite list and has a good feedback from all other Android users. In this post, I am going to discuss my favourite Android apps that I have used so far.

Top 10 Android apps

Top 10 Android apps

Top 10 Android apps:


Very usefull app for android system. In this app you will get lots of features. You dont know about it if you dont use it. Dont be late to use this app.

Download: Mobile Alarm System | Mobile Alarm System Lite


Financius is the expense manager app for tracking your daily expenses. I use it daily. Whenever I spend money for any reason, I put the information in this app. It helps me to get an idea of the monthly expenses in each item.

Download: Financius


MX Player is the best media player for android. Most of the Android users use this player. I am one of those! So, it is on this list easily.

Download: MX Player | MX Player Pro

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Some would prefer any other browsers for internet browsing. But I recommend you  Opera Mini as it is fast and consumes minimum bandwidth. I use it regularly for internet browsing from my phone. It is a must for any Android phone.

Download: Opera Mini


Adobe Reader is for reading Ebooks on your Android phone. This e-book reader has many features for which people all over the world keep it in their favourite list.

Download: Adobe Reader


The default camera app of Android phone does not contain many features. So, I use Cymera for capturing the best shots. It also has a photo editor, so you can edit immediately after capturing any photo.

Download: Cymera


When it comes to cleaning your Android phone’s junk files, there is only one reliable app. Clean Master is the ultimate app for making your Android a faster one.

Download: Clean Master


This app is only for rooted Android phone users. I have rooted my phone just to use this app! It helps me to save my battery to a great extent.

Download: Greenify


If you are planning to call or message your friends or family, this app is a must! You can talk at a very low cost throughout the world by this app. It is a must for every phone.

Download: Viber


Facebook official app is my most favourite app. I use Facebook to remain connected to my friends all the day. This app will send you live notification of anything happening in Facebook. It’s great interface and quick performance made it to the top.

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Download: Facebook


I think this article will help all the android user. If you think I missed something here can comment below. I will add them too in this list.

Thank you.

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