SEMRush Keyword Planner

SEMRush Keyword Planner Tool for Keyword Research

SEMRush Keyword planner Best Free Keyword Planner

SEMRush Keyword Planner tutorial: We all are depends on Google keyword tool for keyword research. But some times we face some problems to get the exact search volume.

Google Keyword Planner is not give the proper service now a days actually. Specially the beginners face the problem most. Then is not there a way for keyword plan?

Yeah, i am going to introduce a new planner which will free and help the beginners mostly.

I also depended on Google keyword Planner. But i did not use Google keyword Planner for long time. I use a alternate keyword planner now. and this is totally free. The name of this planner is SEMRush.

However, today i am going to write about SEMRush keyword Planner in details

SEMRush Keyword Planner Details:

SEMRush Keyword Panel:

I use SEMRush keyword Planner with free version. In the free version it is limited but helpful.

First of all you need to log in to SEMRush with Email and Password. From the right section click on Keyword Analytics drop down button and then click on SEO Keyword Magic option.

SEMRush Keyword Planner

SEMRush Keyword Planner

Access on root keyword:

Now you need to access an root keyword. I write scope and press enter. Now SEMRush will show all types of keyword.

SEMRush Keyword Planner

SEMRush Keyword Planner

Keyword filtering:

Now i am going to filtering keyword to bring our buying keyword. For this reason i will search this keyword in the include keyword box “best, review, quality, buy, cheap, top, guide, discount”. It will show you all types of buying keyword.

SEMRush Keyword Planner

SEMRush Keyword Planner

Keyword Difficulty filtering:

Generally SEMRush shows huge number of keyword difficulty. In SEMRush, if KD is below from 76 then it will return as keyword difficulty. Competition is less if the keyword is between in this number.

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Please filter your keyword between 1 to 76. You will get the perfect keyword easily.

SEMRush Keyword Planner

SEMRush Keyword Planner

Search Volume Of SEMRush:

You can filter search volume of SEMRush otherwise. Although Its shows less result then Google keyword Planner. If SEMRush is 720, 880, 1600, 2400 then in keyword planner will be 1000, 1200, 2000, 3000.

I check those personally.

Keyword Difficulty Vs Long tail Pro keyword competitiveness (KC):

If keyword difficulty is less then 76 in SEMRush then in Long tail Pro it will be under 30 KC. You can rank or do work this type of keyword. In this way you can also do work if KD is less then 76 in SEMRush.

I personally check this.

SEMRush Keyword Planner

SEMRush Keyword Planner

Pros and Cons of SEMRush:

In SEMRush the SEO Keyword Magic tool was use free unlimited before. But there is no unlimited free service. You can not check more then 10 Keywords with free account right now.

In this case you can create many accounts. For the beginners it will really helpful. You can also buy SEOgroupBuy with 15 dollar to do commercial projects for one month.

Final Words:

SEMRush Keyword Planner is really nice for keyword reasearch. I personally recommend everyone to use this. To become a successful SEO expert You must use this SEMRush Keyword Planner.

Hope you have enjoyed todays article.

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