Search engine traffic low

Search engine traffic low- reasons behind this and solution

Search engine traffic low- reasons and solutions

Search engine traffic low: Hello, how is going on guys? Hope you all are doing great blogging career. Well, many blogger start their career to build a successful blogging life. But sometimes they faces some trouble. Blogging is not easy for all the time. If you not get visitors in your blog then there is no value of your blog site.

You should do work to bring visitor into your blog. For this reason, you have to do a great SEO for your website blog and write some high quality article.

Beside this you have to pay attention some more things to bring visitors in your website. I have written some articles about this. You can see the sitemap to check about this.

However, today I am here for share some experience of mine that why your search engine traffic low- how can you solve this.

There is many reason for search engine traffic low. You have to see all the setup and read all the old article, analysis all the article to find out the actual problem. Proper SEO is the keypoint of search engine traffic.

But when you see there is no traffic you feel sad. So, what should you do then? Well, here is the some reason for getting low traffic-

Search engine traffic low:

Search engine traffic low

Search engine traffic low

Site is not indexed:

May this is the main reason for not getting proper traffic in your blog site. You should take a look for this. Check and ensure that your site is indexed properly.

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You’re Not Writing Something that People are Searching For:

Yeah, this is another main reason. If you are writing something valueless, or something which is not meet your blog title then you will lose visitors. You have to write proper article, you have to analysis about this that what people search in search engine and write something eligible thing.

You’re Not Creating Keyword-Focused Posts:

This is another great reason of losing search engine traffic. If you are not set keyword for your posts you will not get visitors or search engine will not properly show your posts of search. So, keep on mind that you should give time to set real and proper focus keyword of every post of your website.

You’re Not Putting Keywords in Your Headlines:

This is not major but this is beneficial. If you put your focus keyword in headlines of your blog search engine will index your blog post immediately and it will be visible to the visitors.

Your Posts Aren’t Thorough:

Remember, it’s Google’s job to give relevant, high-quality search results. Ideally, the best, most thorough web page for each keyword will always hold the top spot.

For example, if you wrote a 100-word post on the “how to get search engine traffic” while someone else wrote a 3,000-word post that covers every nook and cranny of the topic with authority, Google is going to find a way to put the 3,000-word post at the top and drop yours to the wayside.

Your goal with each and every blog post is to create the ultimate resource for that particular keyword. 2,000-words per blog post is a good rule of thumb.

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You’re Not Linking Externally and Internally:

One way to create an ultimate resource for a particular keyword is to link to other resources within your blog post, both externally and internally.

This does three things:

  1. It makes your blog post more valuable.
  2. It makes other content on the subject easier for Google to find.
  3. I’ve found that one of the best ways to get backlinks is to start by linking to other bloggers.

Optimizing Your Images:

Most of the bloggers dont do that. But this is so much important of every blog site. Image optimization make your website load fast and it is so much necessary for every website.

Optimizing your images will help your search engine rankings in two ways:

  1. You’ll likely get traffic through Google’s image search.
  2. It’s another way to tell Google what your primary keyword is.

Here are the only three ways to optimize your images:

  1. Save your images as [keyword-phrase.png] before you upload them to your site.
  2. Add alt text as [keyword phrase].
  3. Add title tag as [keyword phrase].

Final Words:

Hope you will understand now why you are not get traffic. Read the article carfuly and find out the main problem of your site.

If you face any kind of problem about that feel free to contact with me. I will give you some solutions.

Hope this article will help all types of blogger.

Thanks a lot for reading this article and please share this with others.

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