Search Engine Optimization Term

Search Engine Optimization Term Details Idea for SEO beginners

Search Engine Optimization Term Basics Idea

Search Engine Optimization Term:Search engine optimization is need for bring visitor in your site. Without SEO you can not reach to the readers. SEO is most important for every website.

Search Engine Optimization Term

Search Engine Optimization Term

In the previous i have written about some basic about SEO-

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In this tutorial i am going to discuss some most useful side of search engine optimization term.

Search Engine Optimization Term:


If your site is linking in another site is called backlink. Its may be your site home link or others page link. This backlink is called incoming link or inbound link.

Outbound link:

This is the opposite site of backlink. This is also called outgoing link.

White hat SEO:

If you follow the rules of search engine to manage SEO it will be called White hat SEO. The important rules of white hat SEO is that to make website for people’s which is helpful and informative. Others rules is Backlink, link popularity, keyword analysis, link building, etc. Some times it is called Ethical SEO.

Black hat SEO:

This is teh opposite of White hat SEO. That means it will not follow the rules of SEO. There is some kind of black hat SEO suppose keyword stuffing, hidden text etc. This is called Unethical SEO also.

Keyword Stuffing:

This is a part of black hat SEO. This is a thing where user use huge number of keyword in a article. That means keyword overloading. Some times user input this type of keyword in input tag as hidden, this type text is hidden to the readers but have to index of search engine. Another thing is that, some times user make same color of text and page color which is not visible to the user but search engine read them.

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Keyword stuffing is called Keyword loading also.

Try to keep distance to do that, otherwise search engine will kick the site.

Keyword Density:

Keyword density means how many times use a keyword in the article.

Link Popularity:

This is determine the quality of a site. This occurred with base of backlink. Search engine create algorithm on base of popularity of link, which search engine result page (SERP) it will contain.

Link farm:

Link farm means create some more websites and linking one another with the others. Thats why the link building will be increase.

Doorway page:

Doorway page contain just some valuable line which also contain the main keyword of a site. By doing this user increase the rank of a site. This is called entry page, portal page, jump page etc.

Visitor when go this type of page they will redirect another link actually.


Another technique where search engine read one type of content but user read another type of content.

Internal Link:

It means linking a outside page to your site. This is very important. Suppose, you may create breadcrumb for your site page. It will increase your page rank.


Traffic is the way to see the visitors of your site. If traffic is increasing means visitor is also increasing.


Here today i am just talking about some basic of SEO term. In the next i will share some more tips about SEO.

Thanks to all.

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