Online career with content writing

Online career with content writing- Why you choose content writing?

Online career with content writing best tips

Online career with content writing: Online profession is an established rut to build online career. There is lots of way of profession. Content writer is one of them. You can earn lots of money by content writing or article writing. Major thing is that, you dont need to give huge time about article or content writing. You can learn it with very short time.

Content writing is familiar day by day.

But why?

Now a day, lots of website need marketing. To do better marketing of your website you must write valuable content. Beside this you also do freelance work as content writer in many marketplace. The demand of content writer is increasing day by day. So, in my personal opinion, it would be great thing if you move on your career to content writing.

So, how can build your online career with content writing?

There is lots of way you can write content. First of all you need to choose your platform, select your topic. You can write anything you want.

Today, i will give you some platform where you can write content or choose your decision.

Online career with content writing:

Online career with content writing

Online career with content writing


Blogging is the best platform for content writing. Now a days blogging is really nice and comfortable. This profession is familiar day by day. Every one can build a awesome career with blogging. You can write anything.

But, first you have to take a good domain name, a better hosting and nice design for your blog site. Then you can start writing. Remember that, you should write at least one article per a day. Here is no doubt, you must write unique article for your blog. If your article is not face the people’s demand then it will be valueless.

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Then you have to do SEO for your blog. SEO is the main thing for a blog site. Without SEO you can not get traffic. Content writing is also very important for a blog, beside this SEO is also more important.

There is many ad networks around the internet. If your blog have got huge traffic then you can get google adsense easily. After getting adsense you can make huge revenue from adsense account if your blog is popular.

But to do this, you should write better article, which i called content writing.


In the marketplace, you can manage many content writing jobs if you are a freelance writer. If you visit the marketplace and search content writing jobs, you will see there are lots of jobs with high paying money. Many people or blogger do this. They search this type of jobs, write content, submit them and earn lots of money. This is really a awesome thinking if you start your career with content writing in different types of market place.

Job facilities:

Yeah, many software firm need content writer. In addition, many multi national firm need content writer to promote business. So, here is a lots of chance to manage local job if you can do better content writing.

Affiliate Marketing

Hope you already hear about that, what is affiliate marketing. Why do people affiliate marketing? Simply it is a way where people see products with third party.

So, if want to start your career with affiliate marketing you have to do write better content. Without better article you can not attract people of your product offer. There is many market place you can do affiliate marketing. Amazon is the best place where you can start first.

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Here some links you can do affiliate-

  1. LinkShare
  2. Commission Junction
  3. ShareASale
  4. Amazon Associates
  5. Google Affiliate Network
  6. ClixGalore
  8. ClickBank
  9. MaxBounty

In the end, i am going to share some more links where you can start your online career-

  1.  Yahoo! Contributor Network
  3. Break Studios
  4. wiseGeek
  5. eCopywriters
  6. Love to Know
  7. Demand Media Studios
  8. Helium Content Source
  9. Online Writing Jobs(formerly known QualityGal)
  10. Words of Worth
  11. Scripted
  12. WriterAccess
  13. Internet Brands
  14. BKA Content
  15. BlogMutt
  16. TopicBay
  17. Writtent
  18. Content BLVD
  19.  iWriter
  20. Ghost Bloggers

Next i will write more about those links how can you build your career with them. Hope if you are better in english and then think about to build your career with content writing.

No more today. If you like my article share it more and more. I will write more valuable article next. Stay with techbip.

Thanks to all.

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