Make Android Fast

Make Android Fast- Best Tips and Tricks for Android User

Make Android Fast- Best Tips for 2017

Make Android Fast: Hello guys, it has been long time i did not write for you, for techbip, for techbip lovers! But today i am here for you to share something special. Ha ha ha ha. I am really happy you all the people did not forget techbip.

Make Android Fast

Make Android Fast

Yeah guys, today i am going to share some tips and tricks about Make Android Fast. This is the time of android. People use android for its simplicity and android have millions of apps in playstore. Android makes our life very simple. Every android user faces some problem though. But there is also solutions for those problems.

The main problem or may be the major problem of android is going slow. Do you want to see your smartphone new as old one?

So, here is the tips about make android fast tips and tricks-

Make Android Fast:

Home Screen:

If you have a computer then you can see, if you keep many files on desktop folder your computer will go slow and give you very bad performance. This is also same for smartphones or android. You dont need to use much more widget, icon in android home screen. It will make your phone slow. Not even that, it will also make your battery down day by day.

tips: You should use just necessary files on android screen. Dont use unnecessary icon or widgets.

Software and Apps:

Every android user uses many kinds of apps which is really important and needy. But there is also some apps which is not necessary too. You should check your android phone apps installing time. If you dont use any kind of apps for ling time mark this. Some apps also run in background and they reduce your android phone battery power.
tips: You need to review your android apps regularly. If any apps reduce your android performance try alternative apps


This is the best tips for android to make it fast. You can reboot your device once a day. Thats why you can get rid of some major problems. When you restart your phone, background apps will stop and make your phone fast. This is one kind of night sleep. When you sleep and wake up feel comfortable, rebooting is same as like this. After rebooting your android phone will refresh.
Tips: Make your phone reboot once a day to keep it fresh.

Mobile Device:

Many of us use Wifi, Blutooth, GPS, Internet connection and we are forget to off it. This will make your phone slow. Besides this your phone battery also go down.
tips: Try to make sure to stop those service after finishing your work. If you can not to do that, then visit google play store and find some apps to stop those service automatically.

Battery Life:

After using many years of android phone your battery life will be going down. You may feel disturb with your android phone battery performance. If you want to increase your battery performance then reduce brightness, set small timeout. When you dont need to use android phone you can use Airplane mood. You should also keep off your location service. You can find many valuable apps in google playstore to get performance of android battery.

Tips: Keep off your data connection. GPS when you dont need those.

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Browser cache and cookies:

Every android user must use internet on their device. But if you use internet on your phone it will make weak your data memory. Cache memory make your phone slow.
Tips: Clean your phone cookies and cache everyday. Otherwise your phone will go slow most. You can found many valuable and best apps in google playstore to clean cache and cookies.

Live Wallpaper:

Are you very fond of live wallpaper? It is make your phone looking smart and looks great. But this has a bad side. It will make your phone very slow. Wallpaper reduce work performance of RAM and processor which is creat many kind of problems in your phone.
tips: To make your phone fast dont use live wallpaper.

Clean your phone regularly:

This is the final tips and this is very very important to keep on your mind. You should clean your phone regularly. You should clean unnecessary files, temporary files regularly. Besides this, you should clean your button and back cover.
Make Android Fast

Make Android Fast

Thats it.
Android phone user is increasing day by day. The popularity of android user is really unbelievable. In my personal opinion, you can not go for a single day without android phone. But besides this you also look after your device regularly to get best performance.
Hope those tips will help you to make android fast.
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