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Increase website visitors- Best tips and tricks

Increase website visitors cool tricks

Increase website visitors: It has been long time i have written many blog posts. This is my technology blog site. In techbip i try to share technological news. Such as, google adsense, money making tips, SEO, programming and many more thing.

Actually, techbip is a place where you can know the best way to make money staying at home if you follow this blog regularly.

However, There is lots of article in techbip you can check from the sitemap. Hope all the article will help you most. By the way, today i am going to share something more special.

Its increase website visitors tips.

Going crazy? Thinking about how can you make thousands of visitors in your blog? It is possible if you follow some tricks about increase website visitors.

Increase website visitors

Increase website visitors

Why you need website visitors?

Well, Lots of people doing blogging for passion. Many of them also want to make money by doing blogging. There is many way to make money in blogging. You can affiliate in your blog, manage google adsense, manage local adsense or you can create paid guest blogging if your blog have got huge traffic.

To make money, first of all you need huge number of visitors. Remember that the visitor should be real, no bot is not count in this list.

Website visitors can make your blogging career happy. You can make lots of revenue if you have google adsense and lots of traffic.

You can check this URL to know how can you manage google adsense of new blog- Best Google Adsense Approval Tricks for New Blogger

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Without visitor, your blog site or website is valueless. Visitor is the main thing of your blog site. If you dont write article regularly, or dont update your posts you will loose visitors.

But beside this, you have to follow more steps to bring visitors in your blog site. You must do proper SEO of your blog site. WIthout SEO you can not go forward to manage visitors. But is this the only thing? No. May be you know SEO have a two parts- on page SEO and off page SEO. You have to do proper those two types of SEO regularly.

additionally, You need to do social marketing of your blog site.

Video share or content share is the main key of make huge number of visitors. You can make thousands of visitors per a day by sharing your blog in video sharing website or comment your blog in others blog site. At this present time it is very much effective way to make lots of visitors by doing these.

So, here is the first list of this article where you can share your video with your blog site-

Social media is also a strong network now a days. 95% people of smartphone user using social media, active in social media. You can post your blog site name in social media, you must get lots of visitors i hope.

Here is the some lists of social media site where you can share your blog content

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Final Words:

Video sharing site and social media site is the best way to increase website visitors. You should post regularly beside this. Hope in this article you have got a clear idea why you need blog visitors, how can you make your visitors by doing some small tricks.

Visit all the video and social media site to share your website posts.

Please share this article with others. I will write more article about this- How can you make huge traffic in your blog next.

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