Increase Facebook Page Like

Increase Facebook Page Like With Organic Way Tricks

Increase Facebook Page Like- 10 Best Tips

Increase Facebook Page Like: Facebook page is a great way for Facebook Marketing. To increase Facebook page like we do many things for increase page like. Some marketer do use many kinds of tools or like exchange website to increase Facebook page like. But this is not right way to get real like actually.

Moreover some marketer pay for increase Facebook page like. But if you can increase Facebook page like with organic way then it will be great thing.


How can you increase Facebook page like with organic way?

Here is some tricks i am going to share…

Increase Facebook Page Like Tips

Increase Facebook Page Like

About Menu:

You need to create information for About menu and sub menu. It is really very essential and important thing to create informative about menu. Search engine works for about menu. Such as- Category, Sub-Category, User Name, Address, Long Description, Short Description etc.

Invite Friends:

You can invite your Facebook friends to like your Facebook page. You can invite your friends in two ways. You can find a option for invite in your Facebook page section you can use this option to invite your friends. It is possible to invite individual friends to like Facebook page. Otherwise you can also giver personal message to like your Facebook page.

Run Contest and Giveaways or Discount Offer:

Want to get new Facebook liker? Create Contest/Free/Discount offer for your page. If you create some free offer or contest your page will be share and user will like your page. But you have to remember that you should be create new new idea for contest or free offer to get unique Facebook page like.

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Don’t publicity only products and service:

Facebook page is related to people’s interest. Facebook users like Facebook pages to know interesting news or share something. So it is better not to share service or product related thing all the time. You have to focus to create interesting thing which will entertain the user and increase your Facebook page like.

Publish Quality Or Viral Content:

Try to write quality or viral type content to publish on Facebook page. Because people like this type of news, they read it and share it. If this type of posts share more and more then you will get like sure.

Some basic idea how would be the quality content:

-How to type content


-Important resource about Niche.

-Historical Article.

Relevant Groups:

Another great tricks to get Facebook page like if you share your best article in some Best Facebook groups. For example- You have a page of Clothing Business then you can share any post to Buy and Sale type Facebook group. By doing this you can make a great marketing for your business too.


Most of the page admin dont see the Insights. But it is essential thing to see insight. Through insights you can know that which type of post page liker like most, which are they ignored, how many likes you get everyday, unlike, target etc.

Ask Friends to invite their friends:

You can also request your friends to like your Facebook page or share your page. It will give you some unique visitor of your page.

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Best Time:

When your Facebook page liker are keep online try to posts in this mean time. Thats why your post reach will increase and liker will show your Facebook page posts. By doing this you could have get some new likes too.

Facebook Advertisement:

Yeah, it is really great way to get Facebook page like by advertisement. You can manage many organic like by Facebook advertisement. If anybody like your page by seeing advertisement, then Facebook will charge but if anybody like your page from first person who was like page before then Facebook authority dont charge.


Final Words:

In conclusion, i will say its depend on you how you promote your page. There are also some more tips about get Facebook page like. You can Reference your Facebook page on your blog. Facebook like box creation is also another best way to get new likes.

Hope to grow up your business, Facebook page like will help most.

Try this methods to get Facebook page like. If you have any others idea or tips to increase Facebook page like feel free to comments below.

Thanks to all.

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