Improve Website Loading Speed

Improve Website Loading Speed Tips and Tricks

Improve Website Loading Speed- Best 9 Tips

Improve Website Loading Speed: A survey test showed that if a website take 3 seconds to load then 19% of visitors feel offend and reduce 8% of conversion rate. So you may understand it is better to reduce website loading time. If your website rank in Google but take time to load then you will lose your profit.

It is important thing to load website fast to rank a website in Google. Thats why you need to optimize your website to improve website loading speed.

Today i am going to write about Improve Website Loading Speed.

Improve Website Loading Speed

Improve Website Loading Speed

Improve Website Loading Speed

Use Fast Hosting Company:

For loading website fast there is a important role of Hosting. It is better not use of weak hosting company for host your site.

Reduce Your Code:

Reduce your code writing. Such as, give HTML Comment, reduce white space, line break etc. That means you should minify your code and coding style. Try to keep small amount of CSS. Dont try to use JavaScript Code into the HTML code, it will be better to use of JavaScript code in external file. Another way to use JS in below of the body of HTML file.

Image Optimization:

Every website use images. E-commerce website can not be imagined without image. But image is the main fact of increase website size and increase loading time of website. So you should of course use small size of image in website. Better to use JPEG image format.

For image optimization in WordPress this is great plugin WordPress image optimize

Change Theme:

One reason for taking a long time to load a website can be used of your theme. You may be know, there is many popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla to create and manage website easily end use theme. If you see that your theme take a long time to load website try to change the theme or make a theme which is fast for website building.

Use of Plugin:

Due to the popularity of WordPress, People use WordPress to build a website. For using of WordPress site we need to install various kinds of plugin. Plugin increase the loading time of a website. Keep on mind that it will be better to use small amount of Plugin. Be careful to use plugin in a website. If your website take time to load because of plugin then try to remove those plugin and use alternate one.

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Using of Adds:

It will be better to use small amount of advertise code. Because add image reduce website loading speed.

Use of Social Button:

We know that the importance of using social media button to increase visitor in a website. Thats why many people use huge number of social button. Using a big number of social button could reduce your website loading speed. Social Button made by JavaScript Code. Try to not use of unnecessary social button.

Dont use Redirect:

We needed lot of time to create URL redirect. But when you create a redirect it will returns HTTP request to loading website. It cause increase loading time of website. So try to dont use fo redirect in your website.

Check Broken Link:

Broken link is harmful to ranking your site. So try to remove broken from your website. If there is huge number of broken link detect in your website then try to fix theme quickly. It plays a vital role to reduce your website load and ranking your website.

For WordPress user try to detect broken link can use this plugin Broken Link Checker WordPress.

Be careful of using external Link:

If you want to fulfill your website you must use external links. To write a great content or article it will be a right way to use external link. But you have to Invigilate to use of external link in your website. Try to use small amount of external link per article.


I hope that you will be helpful by reading this article. I will appreciate you if  give me suggestion to make this article more informative.

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