Get google adsense approval

Get google adsense approval with a new blog- first part

Get google adsense approval easily 5 best tips ( First Part)

Get google adsense approval: Google adsense is the most leading ads network among all the ads network. It is 95% better then any other CPC advertising programs. It will give you the highest offer of CTR for every web page.

Yeah, It is very easy to make lots of revenue daily from google adsense. Every web master has a dream to monetize his blog or website with very best ad network. But there is lot of web master around the world who has got failed to get google adsense for the first time. Some times they dont get their adsense approval for the long time.

Why this is occur?

You have to follow some strict rules and requirements to get google adsense. Google adsense has got some important rules. You must fulfil them before apply for google adsense. It seems to hard to get adsense approval for own blog but i believe that impossible is nothing.

Get google adsense approval

Get google adsense approval

I am going to give you a good news that Get google adsense approval with a new blog is now easy if you follow some rules. Those few rules are so easy and just basic. You dont have to be panic. Just keep on eye –

To Get google adsense approval with a new blog you have to ready your blog before applying google adsense. Adsense company will approved your blog if you fulfil all the requirements of adsense policy.

Here is the basic important rules before applying for google adsense-

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Get google adsense approval with a new blog:

Blog Design:

First of all you need to design your blog with fresh and with latest design. Nice design will attract your visitor. If your design is broken you will loose visitors. Visitors dont visit your blog again. It is highly recommend thing is that making a nice looking design will make your blog fresh and you will get large number of visitor and it will be help you to get google adsense approval surly.

Responsive Design:

Now a days you can not think without responsive design. If your website is not responsive it wiil be very much hard to get google adsense approval. Responsive design means you site will response in all the device. It will response in mobile, tab, large mobile and PC. You must make sure to build a responsive website before apply for google adsense. It is highly recomment to you.

High quality content:

Without quality content you will not get google adsense. It is the first priority for the google adsense. If your website dont have quality content dont dare to apply for google adsense. Adsense network must reject you. Quality content will bring more people to visit your blog. you have to follow these things about content-

  1. Unique content.
  2. You know content is a king of a website? Try to give extra focus on it.
  3. You have to write at least 500-1000 words for each content.
  4. Dont think to copy others content.
  5. Write worthy content.

Meta Tag and SEO:

You have to optimize your every blog post with meta tags and have to do right SEO. The meta tags describe what the content is about to the crawler bots. Actually it is not possible for AdSense editorial board to check every single website that has applied to get AdSsense approval. So, positively they will use their crawler bots. The bots will check for every footprint on your blog.  So you have specified these tags with appropriate information.

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You also keep in mind that your Meta Title should be between 69 characters and Meta Description should be between 156 characters.

Google Analytics Code:

This is very important. Adding Google Analytics code on your website is really trusted factor for the approval. Adding Analytics onto your website or blog will show that you are actively tracking your visitors and is much serious about the statistics of your users who visit your website.

If you haven’t created one, You can click here to register the program. Once registered, get your tracking code by creating new account under the accounts tab and enter your website/blog name, URL and other required details. Just you have to place the code on each page to get the data instantly.



Thats all for today. I will write another part next about get google adsense approval. Dont worry, you will get the next part withing very short time.

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