Best web browsers for Windows

Best web browsers for Windows- Web browsers list

Best web browsers for Windows you should know

Best web browsers for Windows: There is many webs browser. Those days are gone when web browser are limited for browsing web. Now a days people’s use many kind of web browser to search on internet.

Most computer user use windows operating system. Today I am going to write about best web browsers for windows.

Well, before starting this I would like to tell something about web browser.

Web browser is like a search engine. You can find anything by using web browser. A browser, short for web browser, is the software application (a program) that you’re using right now to search for, reach and explore websites.

Best web browsers for Windows

Best web browsers for Windows

Best web browsers for Windows:

Here is the list of best web browser for windows user. Hope all the browser you are going to like and choose your favourite one-

Google Chrome

This is my first choice in this list- Google Chrome, which is the most popular and most used web browser you can find for Windows. A utility software developed by Google, Chrome has managed to become a big enough platform, for which apps and extensions are widely developed. There are regular updates awaiting you in Google Chrome, in terms of features and looks.

Why you choose google chrome for web browsing?

  • Google chrome is fast
  • It is secure
  • Nice interface

Download Google chrome from here- Download Google Chrome

The most-noted feature of Microsoft Edge is Cortana, which is the digital personal assistant in Windows 10. This has been successfully integrated with the web browser, as to make browsing quicker and productive. Also, the features include Reading List — which helps you save articles or other content for later reading — and Reading View — which offers a non-clumsy environment for reading articles. Microsoft has taken care of the security aspect by exempting ActiveX and other scripts from having direct access to the browser architecture. As of now, there are no extensions available for Edge.


This is another web browser and I personally like this browser most. Opera is so much smart web browser.  This is fast & safe web browser, Opera has a secured place when it comes to the list of top web browsers for Windows.

There is many features in this web browser. However, it needs to be noted that the browser is available for different devices and you have all options for multi-platform browsing experience. Opera may not have a bunch of stunning features to offer, but the browser is quite impressive from the common user’s point of view. It makes use of the WebKit rendering engine, which is the choice of Chrome as well. So, you can have the boost of performance that you’ve been accustomed in Chrome. Apart from these, Opera browser has some exclusive features too.

Download Opera


This browser is also nice but people use this browser a little.

But if you want the best browser to have the best and practical features, you should check out Vivaldi, which is a brand-new web browser in the warfront. You may not have found this in the other top list, but this is really amazing browser. Centralized control is what makes Vivaldi different from other web browser in the area. You can have a well-customized and tailored browsing experience with the stunning options. It’s worthy to have a look on the productivity-oriented features of Vivaldi browser. Despite the feature-richness, Vivaldi web browser is quite lightweight.

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Download from this link- Download vivaldi

Final Words:

Every Browsers is really awesome. You can use those browser without any doubt in your windows operating system.

Hope you all are enjoyed this article. Please share this with others.

Thanks a lot for reading….

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