Best UK technology blogs

Best UK technology blogs you should follow

Best UK technology blogs you should read

Best UK technology blogs: You will be happy to know that there is thousands of blog in UK is really awesome to read. technology blog is the best way to know about technology news and tutorials.

Best UK technology blogs

Best UK technology blogs

Today I am going to share best UK technology blogs you can read. This blogs are really helpful for every one specially who lives in UK.

1. Rock Paper Shotgun

You are amused to know that in UK people very fond of gaming. Rock Paper Shotgun is all about PC gaming! Posts come from a team of six of the ‘best game critics’, with multiple articles every day on game exclusives, previews and reviews. The site has a popular social community and forum, where readers flock to discuss the latest PC games and tech advice. RPS was founded by Kieron Gillen in 2007, who left the site in 2010 to write for Marvel comics.

2. Kotaku UK

Kotaku UK stems from the original Kotaku in the US but now has its own focused content for UK audiences. Kotaku prides itself on three things – original content, gaming culture and humour. Kotaku UK covers all gaming platforms and is seen as The gamers guide. If you’re wondering, the name originates from the Japanese term ‘otaku’ for people with obsessive interests and ‘ko’ meaning ‘small in size’.

3. Geeky Gadgets

A must read for avid tech fans, Geeky Gadgets provides up to date and impartial coverage of the latest gadgets and advances in the tech sector. Executive Editor Roland Hutchinson has been at the helm since 2008 and has turned the blog into a great resource for tech savvy readers. The team have even created their own technology concepts and prototypes, such as the Pencil iPad Stand!

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4. Tracy and Matt

Matt Davis initially started blogging about Windows Mobile but decided to create Tracy and Matt in order to discuss a more diverse range of tech subjects. The blog often gets the chance to review hardware before its release, due to Davis’ good relationship with manufacturers that stems from his 20 year career in IT.

5. Coolest

On a mission to find the coolest gadgets, the blog reviews anything from fitness trackers to pasta makers. The site which initially started with Al Carlton in 2005, boasts a global audience and now has writers from all over the world. Carlton still regularly blogs for Coolest Gadgets, as well as at his other blog, which is dedicated to unusual gadgets!

6. The Red Ferret

The Red Ferrett calls itself the ‘first eclectic tech blog’ covering an array of gadgets, software and tech trivia since March 2000. The blog prides itself on being the first to inform readers about new technologies and trends, and on ‘digging out the weirdest, silliest and most arcane tech news’. The Red Ferret was founded by Nigel Powell, who is now the site’s managing editor in charge of a small editorial team. Powell also pens the ‘Don’t Panic’ column for The Sunday Times, offering advice on reader’s tech problems.

7. Automated Home

Automated Home was born out of a lack of information on home automation. The site has now been blogging on home automation since 1996 and has become a trusted resource on the subject and even provides DIY guides and how-tos.

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8. Coolsmartphone

Leigh Geary’s love of smart phones began with the Orange SPV, one of the very first phones of its kind. Setting out to ‘break it and fiddle with it as much as possible’, Geary found some interesting features which he then began to share online, thus creating Cool Smart Phones. The site has now of course moved on from the Orange SPV and discusses the wide array of smart phones on offer today.

9. Mobile Industry Review

Ewan MacLeod founded Mobile Industry Review in response to a perceived lack of coverage of the mobile industry in mainstream media. The site was previously named ‘SMS Text News’ and focused on text messaging but as mobile technology progressed, so did the site. Changing its name, the site now covers ‘a wide range of mobile spheres relevant to the executive and mobile fan’.

10. Girl About Tech

Amy Cutmore is ‘Girl About Tech’ and is here to cut through the jargon to identify the actual must have gadgets. The blog provides advice and recommendations on essential technology and gadgets for the home, from everything from lightbulbs to barbeques. Cutmore not only blogs but is also the Technology Editor for Ideal Home Magazine

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