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Best music download website you should know

Best music download website: There is no one in the world who does not love music. Music is like heaven. It gives us peace inner side of the heart when we are feel bored.

Creation of music is a revolution. Millions of songs release already and its going on.

Once upon a time, it is difficult to find out songs around the World. But now a days by the grace of internet it is now very easy to get songs specially from internet.

So, How can you get songs from internet? Yeah guys today I am going to share best music download website which has contain million of songs and you can download free of cost.

Best music download website:

Best music download website

Best music download website


Best and best website to download music. It has more then 470,000  tracks for you to download for free. A lot of the article is covered by the Creative Commons license which generally gives all the people freedom to copy and share your music discoveries.

The Jamendo service also gives you the opportunity to review, share and even make a donation to the artist if you like what you hear.


This is my personal favourite music website. I like this website for many reasons. It has great songs in their directory. You can download all of them with free of cost. SoundClick is a social music service actually. You will be wonder to know that it has over 5 million full-length tracks available to listen to.

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It has also a radio station.


If you are looking for something great for downloading music Besonic is the best I think.

It has lots of facility as with most music websites, there is a search tool which you can use to quickly find the free music that interests you.

BeSonic also has music charts so you can quickly see what’s popular in your chosen genre.


This is another best music website for download. PureVolume is a smart and user-friendly site. It has contains free music from thousands of independent artists.

There is also search tool available for your convenience which gives you the ability to browse by genre or artist if you prefer. There is also a charts system as well, showing you what’s popular and it regularly features specific artists.

Not all songs can be downloaded, but there’s still plenty of choices using this free music service.

Audio Archive:

Are you looking for MP3 songs? This is the website for you. Audio Archive is an audio and MP3 library that hosts over 2 million free digital audio files.

It has different types of genre. A range of different subjects is available from these folks, including news and public affairs, radio shows, book and poetry readings and live music recordings.


There is also more website you will find on the net which is also best. But i personally follow this site to download songs. Hope all the site you are going to like.

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