Best Google adsense tips

Best Google adsense tips for blogger- 2017

Best Google adsense tips- 2017

Best Google adsense tips: Do you hear about Google adsense? If dont you can visit my previous article where i have written basic idea about Google adsense.

Here is the article Google adsense- What is Google Adsense?

Google adsense is the best way to make money online. If you can manage a adsense you surely make money by using your website.

But you need to follow some tips too. You all are know that Google adsense is very popular advertise company. They give huge amount of money to the publisher. It will make you rich if you manage adsense for onetime!

Some of us thinks that it is so much tough to get approval of Google adsense. In this article i am going to share some valuable tips about Google adsense. If you follow this you can get approval of Google adsense.

Best Google adsense tips

Best Google adsense tips

Best Google adsense tips and tricks:

Website in English:

First of all you have to keep in mind that, it will be a better idea to create a website in english language. Google support most of the language in the World but english is an international language as if, it will be better to create website using this language.

Top Level Domain:

You will never get Google adsense if you use sub-domain for your website. You have to select top-level domain name. For example .com/.org/.net type domain. You dont have to think your platform. It might be WordPress or Blogger whatever you use as your platform it doesn’t matter. But you need to remember just one thing to choose top-level domain name to get Google adsense.

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Verify you account:

You need to verify your account. Try to complete 100% of your Google account. Remember that your age must be 18+ in your account before apply.

Quality of content:

This is another main thing to get Google adsense. Some of user apply for google adsense with only few article. But the real thing is that you will not get adesene with few article. You must provide some high quality content in your website. You may write at least 30+ quality content to manage approval.

Hide Others Adv. code:

Before apply for adsense you must and must hide others adv. code if you use another ad company advertise.

Unique visitor:

Another great way to get adesnse to bring unique visitor into your site. If you get unique visitor into your site then the possbililty will increase of getting adesense.

You must do Proper SEO for your niche/blog/website. SEO is so much-needed to bring top class visitor into your site.

Age of website/Domain:

Your website has to be at least 3/4 months old to get adsense. Some times it will work within 1/2 months.

Important Page:

You need to create some important page of your website. For example

  • Contact us
  • About us
  • Privacy and Policy
  • DMCA
  • Sitemap

Do not copy content:

Do you thinking about copy content? Dont do this, create unique content, don’t copy others article. Otherwise you will not get adsense anymore.


If you follow these things which i have written i think you get adesene. You must give time about SEO and about your content. Do keyword research properly. Here is some important things you have to follow also-

  • Index your site properly.
  • Do a proper SEO
  • Bring visitor
  • It will be a better thing if your site is a business related site.
  • Make it user-friendly.
  • Dont try to take paid traffic.
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I will write more article about google adsense next. If you think this article will be helpful to others then please share it with others.

Thanks a lot for reading my article.


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