Best Google Adsense Approval Tricks

Best Google Adsense Approval Tricks for New Blogger

Best Google Adsense Approval Tricks for 2017

Best Google Adsense Approval Tricks: Google Adsense is the best Adsense network. This is the first choice of all type blogger to get google Adsense. You can make money by displaying google ads in your website.

So, guys you may understand now what i am going to write today. Its about best Google Adsense approval tricks.

If you dont know about google Adsense yet check this out to know about this- Google adsense- What is Google AdSense?

I also write another article before about google Adsense which is also very helpful Best Google Adsense Approval Tips for Blogger in 2017

Google Adsense is 95% better than any other cpc ads network. Google Adsense offers the publishers the highest CTR for every web page. The publishers could make lots of revenue daily from Google Adsense.

But every task is not really easy. To get google Adsense you have to work hard. Many New bloggers get failure for the first time to get google Adsense approval.

Dont worry my friend. Today i will share some cool tips about get google Adsense. After all i am really like google Adsense and i want to share my experience.

You can manage google Adsense by following some tips only. It is very easy. You have to just follow them.

So here is the best google Adsense approval tricks-

Best Google Adsense Approval Tricks:

Best Google Adsense Approval Tricks

Best Google Adsense Approval Tricks

Ready Your Blog:

First off all you need to ready your blog before applying google Adsense. You need to ready your blog as like that it can fulfil all requirements of google Adsense. For creating a nice blog site you can read this article Create Successful Blog- Most Important Tips

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High Quality Content:

You must write high quality and unique content. Remember, if you think you copy your article from another blog you can not get Adsense. You have to write unique article and you must do keyword research for this. Without unique and high quality content you can not get visitors in your blog site. So, High quality content is the important point to get google Adsense.

Domain and Hosting:

You need to choose high profile domain name. As like .com/.org/.net. Some years ago it is easy to get approval of google Adsense by opening free account on blogger but at this time it is so much difficult if you use any free platform. I personally recommend you to choose good domain name with best hosting service.

About article:

Before applying of google Adsense you need to create sufficient posts in your blog. With few posts it is very tough to get approval.


Though it is very essential to do SEO for every website but if you want to manage google Adsense you have to pay much more attention. You have to do great SEO for your site. SEO is the key of bring visitors. Without SEO you will not get visitors. So before applying for google Adsense you have to do better SEO for your blog.


This is the time of responsive. Every website have to be responsive in WWW arena. If your site is not responsive you will not get google Adsense.

Important Pages:

In your blog, You have to keep some important pages like about page, Contact Page, Sitemap page and many blogger forget to keep Privacy policy page but it is really very important to keep privacy policy page in your blog site.

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Thats it. Keep it on your mind that, id you dont SEO your website and dont keep unique content you can not manage google Adsense. I have just covered some important rules before applying for google adsense. You have to do those minimum settings for your blog. Otherwise it will better to do not go for adsnense.

If you have any question about that feel free to ask me. I will answer your questions.

Hope this article will help for the new blogger who are going to apply for google Adsense in 2017. Please share this article with others people.

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