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Best free CDN service for WordPress blog user

Best free CDN service you should know

Best free CDN service: If you thinking about start blogging seriously then you have to create a blog site first and keep dedicated to your blog site.

You must create a website with SEO friendly and responsive style. Fresh website will attract the visitors. Here you have to remember that, you need to do work with website loading speed. If your website load very slowly, visitors will not come to your website. So you have to pay attention to make your site load faster so that no one leaves your site because of its speed.

Optimization of WordPress site is very much important thing. You may do some optimization of your website like, image optimization, database optimization etc.

But if you dont use CDN then i think you have mistaken this thing in this stage. If you use CDN in your website, your website will load fast.

So, now you can ask me what is CDN?

CDN- Content delivery network:

In very simply we can say that a CDN is a network of multiple servers that are situated at various places in the world. CDN caches all the static content of your site like the images and CSS-JavaScript files and stores on its servers.

So when a person come to visit your site, the static content will be delivered to them through the server that is closest to them.

In this article I am going to share Best free CDN service for WordPress blog.

Best free CDN service:

Best free CDN service

Best free CDN service for WordPress


This is the best free CDN service and its absolutely free. The data centers are located all across the world to serve you the content at blazing fast speed.

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It is very easy service, you can open your account with free of cost. Then you have to add your website URL, they will checks your website and will provide name servers. Then you have to just pointing the name servers to your domain and your done actually.

It is really very easy.

Cloudflare is so much popular. Maximum WordPress user use this service for its simplicity.

Photon by Jetpack:

Every WordPress user know about Jetpack plugin I think. Jetpack is a awesome WordPress plugin. It has some nice features that make your website extra smart.

Jetpack has also a service called Photon by Jetpack.

But here you have to keep attention, this is not like other CDN service, if you use lots of images in your website then you can use this service. You will get the best result.

Photon is a content delivery network that loads images on your blog through the powerful servers.

To activate this service you just need to install the plugin, find the option of photon and activate it. You are done. You dont need to worry about your website next.


This another great CDN service in my choice. This service is relatively new compared to the others in the list, but since it offers a free plan with 250 GB of free transfer, I had to mention it in this post.

If you are truly looking for a CDN service, you need to try out SwarmCDN as it offers a free transfer and is also available in around 196 countries worldwide.

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If you are not interested on those service which I have written above then you can use this. jsDelivr is actually a CDN service for hosting JavaScript files. If you run a WordPress blog, then there will be a lot of JavaScript files in your blog and most of them will be run through this network.

The most important use of jsDelivr is when you use some custom JavaScript code on your site, and you have to host it. If that’s the case, you need to use the service and also install the free WordPress plugin on your blog.

Coral CDN:

It is a Project from MIT. This is also great CDN service. Coral CDN is a P2P (peer-to-peer) based content delivery network. The service is free of cost because since it relies on the P2P network, billions of computers are connected across the world, making it absolutely free.

The way Coral CDN works, according to their WordPress plugin is by serving the static content through their servers by appending ‘’ to the URL.’ Hope you are going to love this service too.

Final Words:

If you use CDN in your website your website will load fast and you will not lose visitors. I recommend all the WordPress user to use CDN. It will not broken your website.

I hope you will check all the CDN service and choose one to use in your website. In the next I will write about premium CDN service.

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