Best 7 Tips about fievrr

Best 7 Tips about fievrr to make money for freelancers

Best 7 Tips about fievrr you should know

Best 7 Tips about fievrr: Do you want to start freelancing or already started? Then you may know about fiverr. Fiverr is the most popular marketplace right now where the freelancer create their package according to their skill in their own account. This packages known as gig in fiverr which is start from $5 to $500.

At present time fiverr have more than 30 million gig. Fiverr may be the best way to earn money as full time.

Today i am going to share some very important and Best 7 Tips about fievrr which will be really helpful for every freelancer who are going to work in Fiverr.

Best 7 Tips about fievrr:

Make valuable Gigs:

Best 7 Tips about fievrr

Best 7 Tips about fievrr

If you want to make more money from fiverr then you should creat some perfect gigs to show which you can complete within short time. For example here you can see-

• I will professionally capture audio or video from YouTube for $5
• I will leave 5 positive comments on your blog or videos for $5
• I will create a custom internet meme for you for $5

It is the very important thing to creat gigs. Dont use anything which is not related to you. Though its totally dependent on you how can you make your gigs with the best. It is really important to get hired in fiverr.

Make your gig attractive:

Best 7 Tips about fievrr

In fiverr there you can see that many competitor for one gig. So you have to go forward with some tricks. If you make your gig with some special words then it will looks great.

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You can follow these-

Make your title attractive:

Every buyer looks first in title. So it is the important thing to creat attractive title. Make it easy to understand and logical that every buyer can get the clear idea.

Add videos or picture with gig:

If you make a video or pictures for creating a gig it will make your gig so much smarter. It is very very important to present you.

Describe all:

When you are offering a gig try to make it clear. You should give importance about the gig. Buyer first of all read your gig title then they will go for description. So you should use perfect words and clear idea about making gigs description.

Repeat Same Gig again with some modification:

Best 7 Tips about fievrr

If you see a gig is finish quickly, and sell quickly then you can create same gig just with little modification. As a result buyer will be impress to see your gigs.

Another thing you have to remember that, you have to careful to create gigs and about keywords. You can see this picture i have found on internet which is really awesome. This user make different types of gigs with same category.

Make a offer:

Best 7 Tips about fievrr

Suppose, you make a offer of $5 to work 5 facebook posts, when you finished your work, you can make a offer that you can write 6 facebook posts with $5.

You can use this in others gig too.

May be you understand what i want to say. Just create a extra offer. It will make you a get chance to get more works. By doing this your gig will appear in the first search result. It is really very much important and helpful.

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Quick response and custom offer:

Best 7 Tips about fievrr

You need to follow a complex rule if you want to show your gig search result in first page. This ranking is made by this base that how quickly the seller response to the buyer. So try to quick response to the buyer. For quick response there is also a important subject is “custom offer”. Give a custom offer to the buyer. You need to describe all things in a custom offer.

Share your gig more and more:

Best 7 Tips about fievrr

You can share your gig in social network  site. Social network is the important and valuable place to share your gig. Fiverr rate it as very important matter.


Dont do- negative review, Late delivery, Cancel order:

Though you may thing it is simple but you must and must dont do negative review, late delivery, and dont cancel your order in middle point of the work. If you dont follow these fiverr account will decrease your gig and reduce your seller level.

You can get a positive review by discussion with your buyer. Before submit your work you must ask your buyer about any kind of quesion. Give importance to get 5 star rating. If possible, do extra work to get the buyer positive view.

Thats it.

Fiverr is really a awesome place to manage works. Any new freelancer make money by doing job in fiverr. Hope those Best 7 Tips about fievrr will help all.

I will write more about fiverr next.

If you have any kind of problem or question you can comment below. I will reply you. Please share this article more and more. That will encourage me to write more article.

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