Basic WordPress Terminology

Basic WordPress Terminology- WordPress Term

Basic WordPress Terminology

Basic WordPress Terminology: Before starting with WordPress development we should need to know about WordPress basic elements. In working or study time with WordPress  you may face many technical terms. So, this article is going for all about WordPress terminology to get rid of some common basic issue and helpful for you to work.

Basic WordPress Terminology you should know:


It refers mainly a full package which helps the user customize WordPress to represent as their wish. A theme combine the all elements of WordPress to use successfully. A theme contain css/stylesheet for its look and feel. It contain JavaScript file working for client side server. Plugin or shortcode make easy to work of WordPress. Beside this it contain many template page as like archive page, author page, post page. With all this item it makes a theme.

Template Tag:

In a WordPress post it hold many types of element. To show this there is many built in function called template tag. If you use these function correctly you can see everything is done mostly by default. You do not have to do anything.


Shortcode is a most useful plugin system in WordPress. Content writer make any kind of change of content or external content to display by using shortcode. Shortcode reduce the hobble of writing content for content writer. For example, a content writer write a article about post a youtube video in post page which is display as video player. Shortcode mainly working as a plugin.

Filter Hook:

Basically filter hook works for change the output of template tag. Suppose, you want capital letter of a post title or want to display date in other languages. Then you can put a hook on title or date. Every hook call a function which has written before that is says callback. In this callback function you can change your data to display. Filter hook works for change the data and Action hook works for when something happens such as new post publish or new user registration.

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Action Hook:

Action hook works for in view of a event. For example, when a new post publish or a new user get register then behind this action hook works. You may gather vast knowledge about action hook in Codex.


Widget is a nice option where you can put your data easily as you wish. You may place your widget usually in sidebar or footer. If you register widget in sidebar or footer once, then you can create many options simply through drag and drop.


In WordPress there is a nice option called menu builder to create unlimited menus. But for enable this WordPress theme developer write the documentation in the theme. Many Menu/Navigation may register in the base of design structure of a theme.


To change the default features of WordPress, to improve the performance, to add a new features, the users or theme developer use WordPress plugins. Plugins change any kind of things using action hook/filter hook. In a broad sense, Shortcode or Widgets is also may call Plugin but there is some limitation.


In WordPress there is two types of URL to see post/page/taxonomy. One Type is ID based number, another type is little complex. Its a combining some words. This part is call Slug. For post/page, Slug is always unique. For Example , in this URL- “wordpress-terminology” is says as Slug.


After all, this is just basic about WordPress Terminology. You may know many things from WordPress Codex Page. I have covered some major topics.

Hope, this lesson will helpful for all. Wait for the next post. I will present some cool things about WordPress as soon as possible.

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