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Article writing- Best websites link to earn money

Article writing Best links for writers

Article writing: Many of us want to earn money by online. There is many way to make money by online. You can get many tips and ways to make money online.

Guys, I am here today for share with you some websites link from where you can make money by writing article.

Who are know operate computer and surf internet, search anything from internet, actually who have basic idea about computer can do article writing. In the market place the demand of article writing is really awesome. You can write various thing. I am share in this part of article writing some website link where you can submit your article and make money easily.

What is article writing?

Well, you have to first understand what is article writing. You can write article with various topics you want. Its totaly up to you. Many freelancers or or personal blogger write blog as their habit.

Suppose, you are a tech lover. You know many idea, you surf net about technology. May be you have to want write your idea, spread your knowledge with the Peoples, then what will you do?

Yeah, you can do this by writing article. You can write article about tech, share it with your fnf(friends and family). Hope you can understand what is article writing.

Okay, now i am going to start my main article of today. Here is the best sites you can write article and publish your voice easily.

article writing

Article writing website links:

Developer Tutorials

This is a web design blog. You can write article on programming, web design and for this you can get $30 to $50 and for tutorial you can get $50 to $100.

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Payment method: Paypal

Audio Tuts+

This is a event blog network. You can write high quality article and can make $50. You have to write in the “Quick tip” section.

Payment method: Paypal/Moneybooker


This is a popular web design blog. I has thousands of visitor per day thats why this is the perfect place for writers to writing article. You can get $50 to $75 for each article from here.

Payment method: Paypal


This is another nice website for freelancers who are want to write article. Here they will pay you $25 for 250 words article, $40 for 400 words, $45 for 600 words and $50 for 800 words.

Payment method: Paypal

Pro Blog Design

This is another website to make money by writing article. Here they will pay you $100 to $125 for each article.

Payment method: Paypal/Moneybooker

Writers Weekly

This is not a blog, its a magazine. You have to submit your article here and they will pay for per article $40 to $60 here.

Payment method: Paypal

Make a Living Writing

In this site if they accept your article then you will get $50 for every article. Nice website for earn money by article writing from here.

Rock Solid Finance

You can write about finance and banking here. You will get $50 for per article. When they will accept your article they will pay you immediately.

WP Web Host

This is actually a host company. You have to gather enough knowledge to write here. They will pay you around $100 per article from here.

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If you think you know much better about ceramic then you can write article here. For every short article you will get $25, for 1000 words $350 and for 5000 words you will get $900 here. This site pay huge amount actually if your article is accept.
There is many more website links from where you can make money by writing article. I will give you the more five links here-

I will come again with more website in the next second part. If you think you are a good article writer then visit this websites one by one and choose your platform where you can write.

Hope you all have get the good advantages from this post. It will be nice thing if you share this with others.

If have any kind of suggestion feel free to comments below. 🙂

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