Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Basic Introduction

Amazon Affiliate marketing What is this?

Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Hi everyone, Today I am going to discuss about Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

You may know Amazon is one of the top e-commerce websites with thousands of product, and they offer up 4% to 10% commission for marketers. You may glad to know that there are a lot of affiliate marketers who are making a dollar from Amazon Affiliation. It’s really possible future market for any marketers. Grab it if you want to start affiliate marketing, then you should know basic affiliate marketing.

So, you guys can read the full article to know Amazon Affiliation Basic now-

What is Amazon Associates Program?

First of all you have to know what is Amazon Associates? Amazon Associates is online affiliate marketing programs. It was launched in 1996. It has more than 12+ years track record of developing solutions to help website owners, Web developers. An affiliate marketer makes money by advertising millions of new and used products from And also it’s subsidiaries, such as and A website owner or blogger who is Associates create links and put it to any website or blogs. When customers click through those links and buy products from Amazon, they earn referral fees. It’s free to join and easy to use all time.

What is the pay rate from Amazon?

TABLE 1 – Fixed Advertising Fee Rates for Specific Product Categories from Amazon

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Basic

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Basic

TABLE 2 – Volume-Based Advertising Fee Rates for General Products* from Amazon

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Basic

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Basic

Why will you do Amazon Affiliation?

You may ask why you will do that? Yeah its common thing as my thinking. Read below to compare any other outsource job with Amazon affiliation-

  1. Low Competition in online market
    2. You can do Exact Match Search & Wide Array of Products
    3. It has Better Conversion Rate and Payment Options
    4. People can Buy More than One Item / Bulk Product Sale
    5. Related Product on purchase Category
    6. Amazon has sales page & Amazon is a trusted Brand also
    7. Easily Integrated and It’s an Investment that Matures Over Time
    8. The Holidays are Boom Timeš
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How much time you need to spend?

This is really very important thing to all. Who are going to start affiliation for the first time they should keep patient. It will take approximately 6 months to get success if you work hard.

One year (for newbie in internet marketing)
6-8 Months (for mid-level expert in internet marketing)
3-4 Months (full expert in internet marketing)
You have to spend 3-5 hours per day, minimum five days in a week.š

How much money do you need?

What you need to start Affiliate Marketing with Amazon. I think it may need $1000-$2000. This budget for 1 year only.

-Niche Select & Keyword Research
š-Domain & Hostingš
-Website Design & Develop
article Writing 60-100 Articles minimum, 500-3000 word/per article
-Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Others)
š-On Page SEO
-Off-Page SEO

What is the payment solution?

There is three payments option. Look this image-

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Basic

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Basic

Best simple way is to get a Payoneer Card and Use US Bank Payment Service.

šYou Can Apply for a Payoneer Card from sign up

Create Amazon Affiliate Account:

=> šYou can create Amazon Affiliate Account from
=> You can create account after creating website.

How the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Model Works?

Step 1: Send Your Traffic to
Step 2: The Visitor search and select a product from amazon and buy.
Step 3: You get the commission for every purchase.

Final Words:

I just add some very basic idea about Amazon Affiliate Marketing. I will surly appreciate you if you have any kind of suggestion to rich this article.

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